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Best Climbing Helmets 2017- Head Gear Protection Reviewed

“In our commitment to help you in finding the perfect helmets that can protect your head  while climbing dangerous rocky mountains. We reviewed the 5 best climbing helmets based on brand, construction, weight and its best uses. We analyzed each carefully to make sure that they are the best helmets for you. 

Preview Of Our Selection For The Best Climbing Helmets

Adventure calls us forward and tempts our thirst for thrills and the rush of adrenaline. What more can beckon us to adventure than mountain climbing? The adventurer in us is always in a hurry. But all the while we need to have protection for ourselves. No use in going gung-ho without sparing a thought for life and limb. So it is best to be safe, rather than sorry. Mountain and rock climbing are of the most exciting and at the same time a dangerous sport nonetheless. So you need the best protection you can get. And what is more important to save as much as your head? That is why you need the best climbing helmets which will guarantee the safety of your cranium.
So, we have compiled the reviews of the best climbing helmets in the market right now. For your choice here are the five we are reviewing:

Petzl Sirocco is the polystyrene protective helmet for rock and mountain climbing with a considerably light build.

Black Diamond Vapor helmet is also a polystyrene base helmet but has a hulky build and is one of the most expensive.

Petzl Meteor is another helmet which comes from the Petzl brand. It is a relatively lightweight plastic helmet.

Black diamond vector is another helmet from the black diamond brand. It is a lightweight foam helmet.

Black Diamond makes yet another appearance on our list with their Black Diamond Half Dome. This is a heavier built and a less expensive addition to this list.

PETZLPetzl Sirocco 150 gramsCrown made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), straps made of polyesterCE EN 12492, UIAA
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BLACK DIAMONDBlack Diamond Vapor186 gramsPolycarbonate Shell with EPS Foam lined with Carbon Fiber Rods and Sheets of KevlarUIAA
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PETZLPetzl Meteor220 gramsPC shell and expanded polystyrene linerCE EN 12492, UIAA
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BLACK DIAMONDBlack Diamond Vector231 gramsCo-molded EPS foam with polycarbonate shellUIAA
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BLACK DIAMONDBlack Diamond Half Dome310 gramsEPS hard foamUIAA
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Now that we have introduced our picks for the best climbing helmets, now it is time to take a comprehensive look and review these in detail.


1.Petzl Sirocco

Petzyl Sirocco HelmetPetzl has been around the blocks when comes to protective climbing helmets. So it’s safe to say that Petzl is one of the brands that the users usually switch to. So their Sirocco line is expected to deliver unique quirks which can attract users and provide safety properly.

The sirocco is a lightweight polystyrene helmet from Petzl. In hindsight, polystyrene bases aren’t known to be particularly of solid build for a climbing helmet. But the catch is Petzl has implemented new technology in conjunction with the polystyrene base to have new functionality. With the standard materials, they have switched it up with polypropylene. If both these materials sound the same to you, then they are.  But it is rather unexpanded polystyrene on its part. It is also lighter, almost one-third of the regular helmets.

What We Like
It is very light and comfortable with proper ventilation. It also saves the head from impacts and at the same time also retains much of its normal shape. So, in essence, it’s a very utility friendly helmet.

What We Did Not Like
 Not much can be tested to understand actually how much durable it might be. The testing return durability but the consensus is a bit vague on high impact falls.

2.Black Diamond Vapor

Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

The black diamond is another manufacturer that is very much well thought of when it comes to best climbing helmets. The black diamond vapor is one of their offerings.


The base of this helmet is EPS foam and polycarbonate. It also has Kevlar and iron rods to boot. It is relatively low-volume. It is also built with almost no pressure points.  It also is heavy considering the base and the additional materials used.  It also has ample spaces for ventilation. It also does not have any plastic buckles and adjusters but has a folded tape. It also has an adjustment cradle in the back.

What We Like
The most striking thing about the Vapor is its construction. It has a thick frame with comfort. It barely feels like you are wearing it on the head. The annoying clamps don’t catch on, and it feels relatively free on your head. The absence of pressure points means no uncomfortable clenching. The adjustment cradle is easy to operate even with gloves on.
What We Did Not Like
There is a chance of dents with this. The small lids may cause this. There is also a torch clamp that is flimsy and might just slide off and get lost.

3.Petzl Meteor

Petzyl Meteor Helmet

Petzl Meteor is probably the oldest helmet in this list, yet new iterations of this one are still relevant. We mentioned EPS before in the list, and it is the main component of this helmet as well. It is the first to utilize this as a component. Let’s take a look at its latest version.


As we said before, this is the first helmet to use ESP as a main component, and it is lighter than plastic. But it is durable and very much bendable. Its basic foundation is like that of a bike helmet. The new version has a reduced weight. It is 10 grams lighter than the original. The current version of it is the fourth iteration. It also has magnetic buckles. It is relatively lighter than other helmets of its kind. It also has a magnetic clasp.

What We Like
Its construction may be a tad bit flimsy, but it is very comfortable. Comfort is needed when you are climbing a steep part of a mountain. It is also very much easy to carry.
What We Did Not Like
The problem lies in its very light design. Because of its design, it makes serious injuries possible. So in a basic way, that is something to worry about.

4.Black Diamond Vector

Black Diamond Vector Helmet

So this is the second appearance of the Black Diamond brand. This is another ESP and polycarbonate shell based helmet from black diamond. 


The vector is another lightweight helmet. It has a base of expanded polystyrene and a polycarbonate shell. It is lightweight and is the medium size of helmets. It has a magnetic clasp. Along with that it also has a plastic adjustment band for stable usage. It also comes with four plastic clasps which hold the light for dark places and rescue missions or so. All of this is held up by a webbing harness.

What We Like
It is an ideal helmet for a light climb. It is also an excellent helmet for a hike in the mountains, along with climbing. It also has very precise adjustment system which is relatively easy and good for tight spots. It also has proper ventilation. Its essential utility is the headlamp clasp.
What We Did Not Like
The problem comes down to its other competitors. The Petzl Sirocco provides the same functionalities at a lower price. Again, the adjustment is a wide variety which may be tough to operate to some. Its extra light weight might also play a part in all this as well.

5.Black Diamond Half Dome

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet

Black diamond appears again in this list with the Black diamond half dome helmet. It is hard-shell foam based climbing helmet.  It also has many other small nuggets with it let’s take a look.


The half dome is the only helmet in this list to be of a plastic build. It is a hard shell plastic to be exact. Currently, in the market, it is available in two colors.  It is dense because of the foam padding inside it. It has a click wheel attached to it. The chin strap adjustment also works to keep it in place. It also has a headlamp adjustment.

What We Like
Being a plastic helmet has some upsides. It can be customized for comfort. And that is the case with this. The click wheel adjustment system is marvelous as an addition. It is also well ventilated. The dense foam padding inside makes it very comfortable inside and ensures that it doesn’t get much cooped up inside. The headlamp is functional for use.
What We Did Not Like
It is tough to have a plastic built helmet in the times of ESP, and it might not be the best climbing helmet so not be as lucrative as it seems. The other mechanisms might also make functioning a tad bit complicated

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