Best Climbing Shoes For Beginners

The Best Climbing Shoes For Beginners in 2017- Climb To The Peak With Ease

“In our promise to assist you in finding the perfect shoes that can take you to high places. We review the 5 best climbing shoes based on brand, style, pricing, what we like, and what we don’t like. We carefully analyzed each product so we can provide you a gear the suits your climbing needs.”

Preview Of Our Selection For The Best Climbing Shoes For Beginners

Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS is good for people who has a hyper sensitive toe. It is made of Vibram edge rubber that withstand deformation if you are standing on a steep rock reducing tension on your toe.

If you are looking for design and aggressiveness La Sportiva Solution is the one that suits for you.

Mad Rock Men’s Drifter is a shoes that will not break your bank. This is one of the most affordable but its quality is indomitable.

If you want a timeless classic shoe and is very comfortable then Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym is right for you. This one can stand the test of time and makes you feel like wearing nothing at all.

Evolv Men’s Shaman has a high friction rubber allowing you to do hard sport climbing and bouldering steep terrain. Toe placement are exact and on hold. This aggressive shoes can improve your climbing ability.

BrandShoesUpperMidsoleSoleBest For This Type Of Climbing 
SCARPAScarpa Men's Instinct VSMicrosuedeFlexan3 mm Vibram XS Edgeall around: any terrain
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SPORTIVALa Sportiva Solution Leather / LoricaLaspoFlex4 mm Vibram XS Grip2bouldering, and trad
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MAD ROCKMad Rock Men's DrifterLeatherHook and Loop3.8 mm Science Friction rubberindoor
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FIVE TENFive Ten Men's Anasazi MoccasymUnlined LeatherElastic4.22 mm Stealth C4 rubberbouldering, alpine,trad, sport, free solo and slack lining)
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EVOLVEvolv Men's Shaman SyntheticLove bump4.2 mm TRAX high friction rubberall around
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For more of the best climbing shoes for beginners check, out the following reviews.


1.Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS

Scarpa Men's Instinct VS

If you are looking for a perfect all-around climbing shoe that can really protect your toe and performs like a superstar in every type of terrain. Instinct VS is right here for you.

So what do we get here:

→ It is made of synthetic material that allows the shoe to keep its shape.
→ Vibram XS Edge that provides incredible grip, it hugs your foot tight.
→ Rubber toe patch that provides toe-scumming and intense toe hooking power
→ Floating Velcro Strap for an even more secure and custom fit, and a full heel cup which is a little less sensitive but allows for more weight to be taken, and this Velcro strap greatly enhances fit by removing dead space in the toe box.
→ Bi-Tension active randing system that connects the toe box to the heel cup. This helps the shoe to be fit for a long time. Even if you do not wear it for a month, and you want to wear it again your heel will fit into the heel cup just like before. It also provides maximum toe power.

What We Like
 Good for hyper sensitive toe
Form fitting
Gives you good edging and power in the toe
The Vibram Edge is super sticky and durable
What We Did Not Like
A little bit pricey for a beginner shoe.

.La Sportiva Solution

La Sportiva Solution

Embedded with cool design, and considered as one of the best climbing shoes for beginners. This relatively aggressive fit climbing shoe is design for bouldering and trad climbing. This bad boy is highly recommended to any beginners who seeks for high performance climbing.

So what do we get here:

→ Vibram XS Grip rubber that allows you to have a good grip
→ patented lock harness system that encircles your foot and merge it to upper part giving you a super comfortable fit.
→ Molded 3d Heel cup that serves as a vacuum, it sucks your heel really good which helps in heel hooking and toe hooking.
→ Fast Lacing system that you can pull and choose whichever direction you want to put the tension on the shoe.
→ P3 Permanent power platform that retains the downturned shape of the shoe throughout the life.

With the features said above I can say that this shoe will let you climb harder and better. A really good shoe that is absolutely worth your money.

What We Like
√ Easy to wear on and off, easy to lace
√ Its natural downturn shape helps you have the utmost position on small edges.
√ It does not flatten out after many climb
√ Comfortability on its finest
What We Did Not Like
⊗ It is not design for smearing

.Mad Rock Men’s Drifter

Mad Rock Men's Drifter

If you want climbing to be a lot easier and comfortable and that is very affordable then this shoe is here for you. Its design also looks good for its low price. It is fun to wear and will make you feel good and look cool, you know for newbie rock climber we are all on that stage where we appreciate such things.

So What do we get here:

→ This shoe has only two Velcro straps making it easy to take on and take off.
→ Made of leather that looks beautiful, specially the red one. It looks so much nicer.
→ Sole is made of science friction rubber that is about 3.8 millimeters thick.
→ Flat profile making it super comfortable for beginner climber.

What We Like
√ More durable for its price
√ Best for newbie climber who are not sure if they will commit to more expensive shoe.
What We Did Not Like
⊗ when buying this shoe, you should buy a larger size. If your size is 9, you should buy 10. If you are 10, then buy 11.

.Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym

Five Ten Men's Anasazi Moccasym

This shoe has a classic design. The elastic closure will provide you a comfortable, relax fit and is easy to wear on/off. This is an all-around shoe that is good for every types of climbing (bouldering, alpine and ice, trad climbing, sport climbing, free solo climbing, and slack lining).

So what do we get here:

→ a 4.22mm Stealth C4 rubber outsole that supports you in edging and gives you a good grip in smearing.
→ It is a slipper type climbing shoe making you feel comfortable because sole is really soft.
→ Unlined leather upper
→ It has Asym slingshot for high heel tension that reduces the tension on the heel making you feel like wearing nothing at all

What We Like
It sticks to everything
Good for every form of climbing.
√ Lightweight
What We Did Not Like
⊗ It is not really an issue but it turns your feet red.

.Evolv Men’s Shaman

Evolv Men's Shaman

This shoe is a redesign from the original Shaman series of Evolv Sports. The new and improved Shaman shoe enhances comfort and add features that can max out your climbing performance.Making it one of the best climbing shoes If you are a newbie looking for a shoe that can give you a legendary performance then this one is a must have!

Major improvements from the older version:

→ Upper is made of synthetic with a nice padding near the closure system.
→ Slightly bigger toe rubber for better toe hooking.
→ It has a “Knuckle Box” hump on its upper part of the toe and a “love bump” underneath the toe.
→ Added a padding under the 3 Velcro straps and a nice stitching inside the shoe which gives you a really comfortable feeling, which is hard to find in a highly aggressive shoe.
→ Sole is made of 4.2 millimeter TRAX rubber which is slightly softer compare to other rubber

What We Like
It supports downturn toe design which is good in solving hanging problems that requires your feet on the wall.
“Knuckle Box” and “Love Bump” to put your toe in a really comfortable position while giving you the ability to  climb harder.
Rand is a little thicker now for added durability.
Overall Evolv focus on improving toe design by adding extra rubber on top for toe scumming.
What We Did Not Like
Just like the Mad Rock Men’s Drifter, you need to order at least one size larger from your street size so you do not experience painful grip.

Choosing The Right Shoe For You

best climbing shoes for beginners

While a ton of best climbing shoes are available in the stores today, you should know that not all of this are good for you that is why you should choose something that can really help you improve your climbing performance.

But is it worth the money using aggressive climbing shoes for beginners?

Apparently yes.

Newbie climbers think that since they are a beginner, they should buy a cheap and low quality shoes with the hope of saving money. But that adage is wrong, for me it is best to buy a pricey and a durable one than buying a cheap one. Why? Because, like I said before, there are shoes that can really improve your performance and gives you a confident boost in climbing hard trails. The drawback is that it is a little bit pricey. But I can say that this thing can be disregard, because you will definitely be getting your money’s worth.

Your feet deserves sensitive care, and the best climbing shoes for beginners will provide a solution. Good luck on your search!


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