Top 10 Tips in Buying Climbing Shoes in 2017

Top 10 Tips in Buying Climbing Shoes in 2017


 A Beginners Guide To Buying Climbing Shoes

Are you new to climbing? If yes, then that is good because this post is just right for you, but this can be good to pro climbers. In this post we are going to give you the top 10 tips in buying climbing shoes and also things to consider before buying them. Since you are a beginner you have to know that shoes is probably the most important thing you need when climbing. You want a shoe that is fit enough, gives you a feeling of having another layer of skin, a shoe that can really improve your climbing performance, gives you so much joy while you have it and last but not the least, you want a shoe that is on your budget. Long story short, what you really need is a shoe that can give you enhanced comfortability for a long time.

Things to consider:

  • size of the shoe– this one is very crucial because choosing the right size is a little bit different compare to buying a normal shoe.
  • shape of the shoe– if your peak toe is touching the end of the shoe and is flat. Then that means it has the right shape.
  • budget– If you are new to climbing you might consider buying a cheaper shoe since you are just testing the waters but, if you feel like this is your passion then do not penny -pinch.

Below are the list of our top 10 tips in buying climbing shoes. We hope this will guide you on the right track:

1 Wear before you buy, tight but not painful

is the size right for you

Before paying to the cashier you have to wear it first and see if it has a good fit. When we say good fit, It is tight to your feet but does not give you discomfort. You have to look for the most precise and comfortable shoes out there. If you are planning to buy in online stores like Amazon or Ebay. I advised you to get a one size larger your street size because climbing shoes mostly have small sizes.

2. Buy from a trusted shop

Doing this will surely saves your time from searching and looking for guides. It will also help you have a better knowledge cause you will be able to talk to a specialist retailer and can also offer you a variety of shoe that suits your need. Beware of sales person who just want to take advantage of you, make sure to ask an expert who really climb.

trusted store of climbing shoes

3. For newbie, Buy a pair that can do almost all type of climbing

This is a good tip for a beginner because it helps you really choose what type of climbing you want to do (mountaineering, trad climbing, sport climbing, bouldering, top rope climbing, and free solo climbing). And when you have enough experience in climbing that is when you can buy a tailored shoe for specific type of climbing or routes.

4. As much as possible buy a flat shoe

Avoid buying downturned shape shoe if you really have no experience in climbing. This is an advanced shoe that can only be worn if you have developed technical abilities needed to climb.

But, developing this basic skills is easier than you think. You just have to go outside and do it. Climb a lot, get out and do the real stuff.

5. Some shoes stretch overtime

Avoid materials that is made of suede this type of materials stretch over time. If you have a tight budget it is better to buy a synthetic type shoe, this type of shoe does not stretch even wear for a long time.

6. Sizes might be different

Let’s say you buy a shoe to a certain manufacturer with a size 10. Your size to the other manufacturer might be size 11. Climbing shoe sizes differ from brand to brand and type to type. That is why if you buy your shoe it is important to always pick a larger size because climbing shoe sizes has no relation to your street size shoe.

7. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?

Symmetrical- this type of shoe is good for climbers whose second toe is longer than their bigger toe, morgan’s toe, because this shoe have the point in the middle.

Asymmetrical- this type of shoe is good for climbers whose toe is normal. The point of the shoe is in line with the big toe.

8. Look for different types of fastening

It is also important to consider the fastening of the shoe. There are two types of shoe fastener. The velcro and the shoe lace.

Velcro-quick and easy to wear on and off. Unlike laces you can easily manipulate fit by using this. It also saves time and energy. This is very good if you want to take on and off your shoes a lot.

Lace-up- gives you the ability to customize the fit of the shoe. Lace up is good for shoe with a leather upper because this type of shoe stretches overtime.

9. You have a unique feet, make sure to find a good shoe match

Your feet shape might be different from your mate so before buying a shoe make sure to fit and see if its work for you.

10. Rubber stickiness

Difference in rubber must be considered before buying your first climbing shoe. Usually, a stickier rubber is soft and less durable while a less sticky rubber is hard and more durable. since you are just starting out go for a stickier rubber. It might be less durable but it is soft which means comfortability and that is what we are looking for as a newbie climber. And also you are not gonna do aggressive climbing in that level so buying a stickier rubber is practical.


Advanced Tip Given By Expert

-Always do a test run of a shoe you just buy, There are lot of local climbing gym where you can do a climbing demo. by doing that you can check if the shoe you buy is really good for you. These experts do have experienced in buying climbing shoes so it really is a good advice. 


Final Thoughts

There it is the Top 10 Tips in Buying Climbing Shoes. I hope you learned a lot reading this article. If you decided to buy your new shoe you can check the shoes we recommend here.