Vacation in Arizona with a Hiking Adventure in the Grand Canyon

Vacation in Arizona with a Hiking Adventure in the Grand Canyon

Camping, hiking and rafting are all popular attractions in Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona. One of the great sightseeing destinations on earth, the Grand Canyon is up to 6,000 feet deep, up to 18 miles wide and over 250 miles long. A range of activities and spectacular views make this Arizona landmark a tremendous place for a much needed vacation.

Rafting Adventure in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was formed by erosion that has taken place for centuries. The main culprit of this phenomenon is the Colorado River, and it continues it’s endless task today. Tourists can take advantage of this resource by going on a rafting adventure.

The adventure commonly begins well north of the North Rim entrance, and more than a dozen businesses are eager to supply everything that a vacation party might need. Some modes of river transportation include kayak, oar-powered inflatable rafts and motorized watercraft of various sizes. Trips can last as little as a day or as long as two weeks, and feature the Colorado’s world famous white water, as well as the view of the Grand Canyon from it’s lowest point.

Vacation Adventure of Hiking and Camping

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is a great place for a hiking adventure that will offer breathtaking sights and photography opportunities. Various established trails exist, and one popular tour will expose hikers to two of them. The Phantom Ranch Tour takes hikers from the top of the South Rim to the canyon floor, via the South Kaibab trail. Phantom Ranch offers weary hikers all the comforts of home, with air-conditioned cabins and hot showers. Two nights will be spent camping here, with the layover day used to relax or explore the Grand Canyon floor.

What goes down must go up, and after camping the second night on the canyon floor, the hiking adventure climbs back to the canyon rim. This time, the Bright Angel trail will be used, and hikers get more of the spectacular scenery from a different route.

Aerial Vacation: Grand Canyon from Above

Starting in 1991, the formerly captive California Condors were released into the wild, with some of these birds finding a new home around the Grand Canyon. Visitors don’t have to wonder about the view that these endangered raptors enjoy. Helicopter tours are available, and these services will provide a true “birds-eye” view. Tourists will want to check the schedule and availability of these aerial tours well in advance.

The Grand Canyon became a member of the National Park Service in 1919, and is annually one of the most popular tourist destinations of all the National Parks. With all the activities the park offers and the jaw dropping scenery, it’s easy to see why. It’s amazing what a little running water can do.