La Sportiva Ventor Climbing Shoes Review 2017

La Sportiva Ventor Climbing Shoes Review 2017

La Sportiva Ventor- For A Sure Foothold When Ascending

For a considerable period of time, I have been looking for a pair of climbing shoes that combine comfort and performance. The La Sportiva Ventor has provided me with exactly what I was looking for. This is the first pair of climbing shoes which can be worn while walking long distances on trade routes as well as bouldering circuits. One of the most remarkable features of the Ventor is the EVA cushioning under the heel which absorbs the impact of unplanned landings. My instructor daringly jumped from over eight feet to the ground in these and did not feel any pain or discomfort whatsoever.

The 1.8 mm full-length Savium midsoles are well suited to demanding terrains as well as for long descents even at the time of twilight. The Ventor also has 4 mm Frixion soles for tremendous edging performance. I have tried climbing in these shoes while wearing socks and it has proved no hindrance at all. The suction rings which resemble those of an octopus along with the traction bars and the ribbed heel have been meticulously patterned for the hardcore professional climber.

The Ventor is extremely comfortable even for someone like me who is flat-footed has wide feet. There is more than adequate space around the toe area so I do not have to think about scraping against its inner walls while battling tough climbs and difficult edges. This climbing shoe from La Sportiva has also acquired immense popularity among trade people who indulge in multi-pitches. Even in the bouldering circuits it has become quite popular as it allows them to climb without the aid of crash pads.

As far as climbing cracks are concerned it works like a charm as it is very easy to get my feet into the cracks and taking them out does not require a great deal of effort or force either. However, this is only after I rectified my own crack climbing technique which was quite faulty to start with. The La Sportiva Ventor smears on slabs better than any other climbing shoes I have tried earlier and at the same time secures firmly on granite crystals. They are perfectly suited to long days on the climb as I do not have to take them off between pitches.

The leather toe piece along with the padded ankle cuff and the padded tongue also contribute to the overall sense of comfort. They allow me to concentrate on climbing rather than be preoccupied with the pain which I have experienced while climbing in other pairs of climbing shoes. The Ventor also keeps my feet very warm so that I don’t have to worry about freezing at all. The hook-and-loop closures enable me to put the shoes on and take them out quickly and with ease. The three Velcro speed straps provide the Ventor with delightful visual and aesthetic appeal as well. Without a doubt, the La Sportiva Ventor far surpasses all climbing shoes I have tried till date in terms of the benchmarks or comfort and durability.