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Rock Climbing Exercises of 2017- Grip Strengthening Work Out

Welcome to the world of climbing! Either it is your passion or a hobby you have to be ready because starting today it will not be your normal day life. You will be taken to beautiful places, see some exciting views, and nature will become one of your best buddy.

Now that you’ve decided to progress and become a better climber. You need a tough core that helps you to climb further. You have to learn the rock climbing exercises that works. These set of exercises are intended to strengthen your upper and lower body, boost flexibility, get a firm grip, and gives you confidence to overcome climbing obstacles.


Rock Climbing Exercises

1. Dead hangs

Rock Climbing Exercises of 2017- Grip Strengthening Work Out

This is a training technique that is probably the easiest to do. It is super easy that all you have to do is to “just hang” in a chin up bar like a dead person ceased to move. Always remember that you should hang with your shoulders totally loosen. Few reasons why you have to do this is that it tightens your grip, increase flexibility and strengthen upper body.

Muscles used: trunks, arms, shoulders, abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, hands and fore arms

-4 to 5 times a week
-5 to 10 seconds
-5 times repetition of dead hangs: crimps, pinches, slopers, and pockets

2. Pull ups work out

Rock Climbing Exercises of 2017- Grip Strengthening Work Out

Basically it is just the improved version of a dead hang. You need a rail or any chin up bar. All you have to do is to go way up and then locked up and then go way down. There are just varieties of pull ups namely: pull ups, frenchies, one arm negatives, type writers, and front levers. Each types has different repetitions and sets but the minimum you can do to do not exhaust your body is this.

-5 repetitions
-3 to 4 sets, take 3 to 4 minutes rest each set
-4 to 5 times a week

3. Campus rungs

Great for building more strength and developing technique you are going to use for climbing.

Rock Climbing Exercises of 2017- Grip Strengthening Work Out


ladder– you just have to climb one rung to another, just like climbing a normal ladder. 
bumps– climb ladder up and down while skipping the rung.
lock off– This one is our all time favorite. You put one hand up until you can’t go any higher then go back down. The higher the rung you reach the harder.
double clutch– This is probably the hardest. While in the ladder you jump from one rung to another rung using your two hands. Remember you need to use your both hands at the same time.

4. Rock rings

Rock Climbing Exercises of 2017- Grip Strengthening Work Outalmost same as dead hang and pull ups. The only difference is that you are going to use a rock ring, a climbing equipment that is very portable, and inexpensive specifically design to prevent injury on joints. It also increases grip strength.

-5 sets
-10 extensions
-10 one arm lock-off
-1 frenchy